At Glucode we obsess over every pixel we put on screen. We have a team of passionate designers who care deeply about even the smallest design detail.

Mobile iOS, Android and web UI design examples by Glucode

All Screens. All Systems.

We design engaging user interfaces for iOS, Android, Web and more.

From paper to pixels

We cultivate innovative ideas and shape them into functional and unforgettable experiences.

Mobile app wireframe

First things first

Before we can admire the beauty of a design, it must function seamlessly. To craft solutions that are both fantastic to use and captivating to look at, we take care to analyse and understand your unique business and user objectives.

We collaborate with our developers to establish technical feasibility, enabling our designs to be resilient in the face of a multitude of possible scenarios.




Information Architecture

Solutions that stand the test of time

To build an experience that lasts, we design by using native interface guidelines and adhere to industry best practices. Therefore, the product is familiar, scalable, and easy to use, reducing the cognitive effort required from the user.

Design that elevates your brand

We place each screen under the magnifying glass, ensuring that every tap, swipe, and pinch echoes your brand.

Our designs work in harmony with your vision, because we know your brand is important to your users.

Interface Design


Design Systems


Pop. Zoom. Swishhh.

We aim to delight users through engaging interfaces. Thus, we explore various ways to enhance the experience by adding meaningful interactions.

Motion Design



Ready. Set. Build.

We thoroughly document our designs so we can build a product that stays faithful to what we envisioned. We prepare assets and user journeys which developers and stakeholders can easily access, providing a seamless handoff experience.

Design Testing

Developer Handoff

User Journey Flows

App Store Assets

Tell us about your project

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